2019 Hawaiian Luau

The Ladies of the Appian Club will be hosting a beautiful Hawaiian Luau!  Grass skirts, floral leis, and tropical shirts will fill the room as we enjoy music, Polynesian cuisine, wine, and dessert.  Music by Luciano Russo.

2019 Christmas Party

The holiday season will be soon upon us!  At this time of year we give thanks for our club members, families, and our health.  As another great year comes to a close, we hope to see you at the party!

2019 Memorial Mass

​Members and their families are warmly invited to our annual memorial service.  Together we reminisce and honor the lives of our relatives and close friends who have passed, and share an opportunity to find comfort in our sorrow.

2019 Wine Tasting Event

Many wines entered the competition, fermented in the old world tradition.  But in the end, the votes were tallied and the winners were chosen.  Cheers to our gold medal winner, Bartolomeo DiRenzo!  Salute!

2019 Scholarship Dinner

Moments like this cause us to reflect on our very own purpose.  The Appian Club is more than a close-knit group of individuals -- we are an organization.  And we are proud to unite and help propel the next generation.

Rent Our Hall

We certainly love our club space, but we don't use it every day.  Are you interested in hosting your next event at our facility?  Contact us today for rental details:


Our Mission and Purpose

The Appian Club was established in Stoneham, Massachusetts in 1982 by a small band of men.  It began as gatherings in various locations.  Guided by a sense of being, the Appian Club was established as a non-profit, charitable social organization, governed by a constitution and bylaws, and guided by a mission statement that holds true today from its original inception.

The purpose of the Club is as follows:

To encourage, solidify and glorify the sanctity of family life

Individually, and as a group, to reflect moral excellence, goodness of character, generosity and kindness

To preserve and promote Italian language and culture

To patronize and help one another to succeed, encourage good conduct, come together in social activities, sponsor works of charity, maintain an awareness of our Italian heritage, promote love for our country (USA), families, friends, and to become the best that we can be

Looking to the Future

The Appian Club continues to honor and holds true to its original sense of direction.  The Club reaches out to its membership and engages the larger community to fulfill its sense of being and purpose.  Additionally, our Ladies of the Appian Club, incorporated in 2004, has become an integral part of our mission and community.  


We are proud of the fact that we have been faithful to our mission statement and we have enjoyed and shared many great fortunes. The greatest of them all is the inner satisfaction and the lasting, sincere friendships we have formed as part of the fellowship of the Appian Club. 

May the Appian Club have a prosperous future and another generation of goodwill.  May it continue to glorify the sanctity of family life and sponsor family activities.  May it upkeep the brotherhood and fraternity of the Italian language and culture among it people.  May it continue to reflect a moral excellence through the goodness of character and generosity and kindness to others. 

Non Nobis Solum
(Not for Ourselves Alone)


We are committed to connecting Italian Americans from different regions.  We would love to arrange a visit for you -- give us a try!


Our members come from many of the nearby cities and towns, including: Stoneham, Winchester, Medford, Wakefield, Lynnfield, Saugus, Woburn, Wilmington, Burlington, and Lexington.

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