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About Us

We find its best to begin with some highlights of the Club, what we do, and who we are.


The Appian Club was established in 1982 and is a social, non-profit charitable organization comprised mostly of first and second generation Italians.  Non-Italians are welcome also.  Our club is located at 100A Fallon Road, in Stoneham.  We have a men's group and ladies group. The ladies started in 2004 and meet monthly except during the summer.  The ladies plan their own initiatives and activities (e.g., bus trips, mystery rides, Valentine's Party, etc.)  The ladies have about 90 members.  
The Appian Club was originally started as a gathering for men, and the men tend to meet more frequently.  Today we have about 190 members.  The club is open to 'men only' on Wednesday and Friday nights.  On a typical Wednesday or Friday we have about 45-50 members gather for conversation and friendship.  Some play Italian cards but we do have 1-2 conversation tables where we just chat.  You can even enjoy a game of darts!  We have 5 televisions for watching sporting events and, of course, being Italian, we have to eat.  So around 8:00PM, one of our members cooks a meal -- pasta, salad, bread, meat or fish, and sometimes veggie or potatoes ($15).  Our thirst is satisfied with some vino or other beverages.  And then some espresso.  The club closes about midnight, but most leave by 11:00PM.  And nobody goes home hungry!

We host most parties at the club, as it can sit 120 people.  Larger gatherings take place at alternate venues.  The men set up the club and do most of the cooking.  Late spring, golf is played on Wednesday mornings at Unicorn Golf Course, and we also have a Golf Tournament in August to benefit our Scholarship Fund.  In September, we offer children Italian classes and adult Italian classes are offered four times throughout the year.   See our Language Classes page for more details!

Additionally, we have a Tripe Night and/or Rabbit Night a couple times per year, we support the Stoneham Summer Concert series with an Italian group in July, and also about 10 members have wine made especially for them at the Venezia Restaurant in Boston (they have  a winery there).  Another 15-20 members make their own wine in September, and we have a wine tasting event in the spring.  Some members go hunting for deer and pheasant in October, while others pick mushrooms -- they never tell us where they get them, even the wives don't know!   Other initiatives the Club offers are scholarships, achievement awards, bocce tournaments, dinners twice a week for men, and monthly womens' meetings. 

We are a nonprofit, social, and charitable Section 501(c)(7) organization whose mission is to promote Italian culture and heritage.  The club promotes family life and values and strives to be generous and kind to others.  Both the men and ladies Appian Club divisions are committed to connecting Italian Americans from different regions.  The Appian Club has cultural and educational programs, charitable initiatives, and workshops for members.  But the Club is best known for teaching the Italian language to children.


Executive Board of Officers

Bartolomeo DiRenzo


Emidio Avellani

Vice President

John DeLeo


John Nocella


Domenic Del Greco

Finance Secretary

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